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Popular International eCommerce Sites In Ghana

Now onto popular international eCommerce sites in Ghana.

Both SimilarWeb and Alexa as documented by Wopedigital showed a few international sites that were popular in Ghana. These included


Many of these sites are doing a great job of tailoring their international websites to local users.

Not only does Amazon ship to Ghana, but they customize all their prices and shipping cost in Ghana Cedis as well. They even estimate import fees you might incur.

Traffic from Ghana to these websites usually makes up less than 1% of their visitors. This means that what happens in Ghana hardly influences their business decisions.

There are actually quite a few sources of traffic. Thus, organic searches in Google, others from social media campaigns, some from email marketing campaigns, referrals from other websites, and also direct traffic.

On average, the most popular sites had 52.67% of all their visitors coming from Google Search. This was followed by Direct visitors (38.05%), Mail (4.07%), Social (2.65%), Referrals (2.15%) and finally Display ads (0.4%)

Considering the amount of time and money invested in social media, it is quite interesting to note its relatively low contribution of traffic to these websites.

Amazon eCommerce Site

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Popular Local eCommerce Websites in Ghana

The popularity of a website is dependant on the number of visitors browsing that website often. The more visitors browse your website, the more popular you are.

However, the only accurate way to identify the number of visitors to a site is to have access to their analytics software. Without access to that data, we relied on Alexa and SimilarWeb as posted by Wopedigital, two traffic, and analytics companies to help us.

Their methodology for identifying the amount of traffic to a site is less accurate but is a useful starting point for the above topic.

Similar Web


Based on Alexa’s rankings, the top 10 most popular Ghanaian eCommerce sites are:


Jumia’s top-ranking position brings them approximately 1.38 million visitors a month, according to SimilarWeb.

Jumia post was in the second position with 223,000 visitors a month and rounded up the top 3 with 134,000 visitors a month.


Jumia’s position is so dominant as the most popular eCommerce website in Ghana that they have more visitors than the other top 6 websites combined.

Categories of eCommerce in Ghana

There are different categories of eCommerce around the world and in Ghana today.

Grouping the sites by categories according to Wopedigital, the fashion industry came out on top. This included all those into clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories.

In second place was the electronics industry, covering laptops, phones, and other electrical gadgets.

Superstores or websites that sold a bit of everything (like,, and came in third.

Baby and toys, food and groceries, and miscellaneous (sites with a very low representation) rounded up the top 5.

The top 3 categories actually lined up with other international data we found where fashion and electronics were the most patronized shopping categories online.

Although books and entertainment are highly patronized online products worldwide, this wasn’t reflected in the data by the number of stores in those categories., the largest online retailer in the world today, got started out in books and then entertainment categories.


SEO Best Practices

Content pages are the bone of websites and are almost always the reason visitors come to a site. Ideal content pages should be very specific to a given topic.

The purpose of the given web page should be directly stated in all of the following areas:

  • Title tag
  • URL
  • Content of page
  • Image

First, the content itself must be unique on the Internet (which makes it worthwhile for search engines to rank well) and should cover a specific bit of information in a lot of depth. If a searcher had a question about Super Mario World, there is a good chance, that this page would answer their query.

An ideal web page with good SEO  should do all of the following:

  1. Be hyper-relevant to a specific topic (usually a product or single object)
    • Include subject in the title tag
    • Include subject in URL
    • Include subject in the image alt text
    • Specify the subject several times throughout text content


2. Provide unique content about a given subject

3. Link back to its category page

4. Link back to its subcategory page (If applicable)

5. Link back to its homepage (normally accomplished with an image link showing the website logo on the top left of a page)



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