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TeamAlfy insights is about the latest trends in tech and web design.

TeamAlfy is a High-end web design Agency working from Accra.

Introducing TeamAlfy

I know we have been around for 12 years, however, the team was mostly remote and international. The pictures above show the core team in Ghana. These are the skills we have around the table. , HTML5, PHP, Bootstrap, CSS3, Laravel PHP framework, Angular & Node.JS framework, WordPress, Python, Jango – we can pretty much do anything we set our minds to.

If you’re looking for a web design company in Accra, London or even the good old USA, teamalfy has the skills you need to complete your project quickly and professionally.

  • uk- +447479546055
  • USA 001 19374022244
  • Ghana -+233 0503109775
  • email –

How Masoma Created Ghana’s Smartest Delivery Company From Scratch in Accra.

Have you ever called a local delivery service and didn’t get what you expected? There’s no doubt about it, these experiences can be frustrating. Over the years deliveries in Ghana have been hell for customers. Masoma is here to make that change. Masoma is a company that improves the way deliveries are done in Ghana.

Masoma book delivery

Masoma is the only delivery company in Ghana that allows you to book delivery via live chat on our website.

We connect you to over 15,000 drivers nationwide. We offer a “you shop” “we drop” service. We deliver faster by shipping straight from your store to your customers. Masoma allows you to track your deliveries. Our dispatch riders are also well trained and groomed to go the extra mile. We deliver straight from the bricks and mortar shop.

Building Masoma has been a life long dream for me.

Akessi Yankey~founding partner

Masoma is the brain child of Alfy Saforo and Akessi Yankey. It was born out of the frustration of booking and tracking dispatch riders and deliveries in Ghana. Masoma uses custom made dispatch and delivery technology to augment the delivery process. Find out more about how we can help your business grow.

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