Offline Payment Methods In Ghana

In the previous post was an introductory blog to eCommerce payment methods in Ghana.

Focusing on offline payments, as stated in the previous blog posts are all payment methods where the payment cannot be immediately confirmed within the website. This is due to the fact that the payment method is not integrated into the website’s systems.

The most popular offline payment method offered according to a post by Wopedigital was cash! This encompassed both cash on delivery payments and cash payments in-store.

The second most popular offline payment method was Mobile Money. This referred to direct payments to any of the 3 mobile money wallets being MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Money, and Vodafone Cash.

In the third position was Bank Transfer, where a client transfers or deposits the order amount into a bank account.

One interesting option that was encountered was a store that provided its shoppers outside Ghana the option to pay via WorldRemit.

Both Flutterwave and Paystack have options that allow you to pay via bank transfer. Once payment is made, they’ll verify and have your order completed online.

So now we know about offline payment options offered by eCommerce websites in Ghana.

For the introductory post to this, check out eCommerce Payment Platforms in Ghana

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