Popular International eCommerce Sites In Ghana

Now onto popular international eCommerce sites in Ghana.

Both SimilarWeb and Alexa as documented by Wopedigital showed a few international sites that were popular in Ghana. These included

  • Amazon.com
  • Aliexpress.com
  • Alibaba.com

Many of these sites are doing a great job of tailoring their international websites to local users.

Not only does Amazon ship to Ghana, but they customize all their prices and shipping cost in Ghana Cedis as well. They even estimate import fees you might incur.

Traffic from Ghana to these websites usually makes up less than 1% of their visitors. This means that what happens in Ghana hardly influences their business decisions.

There are actually quite a few sources of traffic. Thus, organic searches in Google, others from social media campaigns, some from email marketing campaigns, referrals from other websites, and also direct traffic.

On average, the most popular sites had 52.67% of all their visitors coming from Google Search. This was followed by Direct visitors (38.05%), Mail (4.07%), Social (2.65%), Referrals (2.15%) and finally Display ads (0.4%)

Considering the amount of time and money invested in social media, it is quite interesting to note its relatively low contribution of traffic to these websites.

Amazon eCommerce Site

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