Popular Local eCommerce Websites in Ghana

The popularity of a website is dependant on the number of visitors browsing that website often. The more visitors browse your website, the more popular you are.

However, the only accurate way to identify the number of visitors to a site is to have access to their analytics software. Without access to that data, we relied on Alexa and SimilarWeb as posted by Wopedigital, two traffic, and analytics companies to help us.

Their methodology for identifying the amount of traffic to a site is less accurate but is a useful starting point for the above topic.

Similar Web


Based on Alexa’s rankings, the top 10 most popular Ghanaian eCommerce sites are:

  1. Jumia.com.gh
  2. Frankotrading.com
  3. Superprice.com
  4. Compughana.com
  5. Kikuu.com.gh
  6. Hubtel.com
  7. Melcomonline.com
  8. Zoobashop.com
  9. Marketexpress.com.gh
  10. Telefonika.com

Jumia’s top-ranking position brings them approximately 1.38 million visitors a month, according to SimilarWeb.

Jumia post


Frankotrading.com was in the second position with 223,000 visitors a month and superprice.com rounded up the top 3 with 134,000 visitors a month.


Jumia’s position is so dominant as the most popular eCommerce website in Ghana that they have more visitors than the other top 6 websites combined.

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