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Now you know the types of eCommerce being operated here in Ghana, the benefits, and how good it is to have one to grow your business.

There are a number of things to consider when building your eCommerce website.

Building a website is much easier and cheaper than it used to be thanks to the wide variety of user-friendly, web builders that consumers can now choose from.

When choosing a website builder, you must first consider what kind of site you want to build, the look and feel, and what kind of functionality you require.

Some Website builders you might want to consider include


  • WordPress


  • Wix


  • Squarespace


  • Site123


Are these worth it for starters?

If you just want to build a basic site without an online store, then a free website builder is a solid way to get started. Bear in mind that free plans come with less storage, slower load times, and fewer SEO and marketing tools. If you know that you need Ecommerce facilities, lots of storage space (for high-resolution images, videos, etc.), extra customer support, and/or a lot of webpages, then you need the guidance of a design agency or experienced freelancer


Design Agencies or EXPERIENCED Freelancers (emphasis on experienced) are the go to’s for a more complex website, eCommerce functionalities, and also for high-end resolution images. They offer web design services for a variety of visual mediums, including print and digital.


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