What’s next for Web Developers after COVID-19, its not looking bad actually.

At this stage many of you are probably sitting at home watching endless news cycles of worsening news. Well I have good news for you well, its’ actually for web developers. Believe it or not, things are looking up.

If you haven’t taken notice the entire world has gone hyper digital overnight.

  1. Use of social media has quadrupled
  2. Online delivery services have hit maximum demand
  3. tik tok is gradually taking over the world
Web design and Covid 19

Web design and Covid 19

More and more businesses are gradually waking up to what the new reality is going to be and a new army of web developers will be needed to keep the engines of digital commerce afloat.

I have noticed a surge in people looking to improve and create new websites and start new projects from home. It’s an exciting time to be a web developer.

So how do you take advantage of this new wave of “COVID-19 CLIENTS”?

  1. think about optimising your existing website for organic traffic. Now we are all stuck at home we have more time on our hands to tinker with our projects.
  2. A/B test your landing pages and workout which one delivers the best ROI.
  3. Automate your CRM – Send automatic emails after a first signup, after x-month without activity, after a user leaves without buying… ( I am actually working on this, today).
  4. Get influencers onboard – Engage with top bloggers and celebrities in your domain, and get them to write/talk about you in exchange of coupons, coverage…
  5. Use paid Search – Use a service like AdWords to get people to your site. If $1 in AdWords generates more than $1 in profit, you are on your way to success.
  6. Improve loading time – its best to have your site load under 3s , This is something we are very good at check out the load time for teamalfy.com on GTmetrix! well under 3 seconds.

There is always a silver lining for every cloud and after the rain comes sunshine. I look for opportunities in every challenge. If you are like me, you will probably ignore all the doom and groom and keep moving your business forward. after all what can we do? sit home and cry?


Alfy Opare-Saforo

Alfred Opare Saforo is the CEO of Masoma Logistics, and the creative director for teamalfy.com, a web design agency based in London, Ohio and Accra.

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