10 Benefits of Using WordPress for Web Development

If you are new to the world of web development, or looking to start a career in web development full time or just as a side geek, or contemplating which web development framework is the best among the numerous available to adopt, this post is rightly for you. In this post we take an in-depth look at 10 of the most important benefits of using wordpress for web development.


What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that powers more than half of the worlds websites – 27 million plus live websites. WordPress is built on the PHP programming language which is one of the oldest web development languages for developing static and dynamic websites and applications, which makes it extremely relevant in web development today. 

If you are new to CMS – it is a software that helps developers and web managers to easily create and efficiently manage their site contents which includes web pages, images, videos, posts, audios, etc.

If a CMS currently powers more than half of websites, then it’s definitely a big deal and most reliable. Of course it is free to download and use along with varieties of plugins to help suit your custom needs. Without boring you too much let’s just dive straight into the benefits you enjoy developing your websites with WordPress.


Cost Effective

WordPress is an open source software that is completely free for modification and usage by anyone. Gone are the days when creating a website will cost both clients and developers an arm and a leg. Thanks to WordPress, web designing and development is extremely cost effective nowadays.


Easy To Manage

Website management can be a daunting and irritating task. A developer may often have to scroll through several lines of codes just to make a few changes, or re-write several lines of codes to create additional web pages. With WordPress all these can easily be achieved with user friendly page builders with inbuilt text editors and drag-and-drop functionalities to help you achieve any design you desire. After development, developers can easily handover to clients who can also easily manage their websites without extra costs. This helps to extremely increase productive while achieving the best possible results and milestones.


Easy Customization

WordPress development can easily be customized to suit users needs. WordPress themes and plugins can be tweaked and redesigned to function in whichever way you want. From the design to the back-end, absolutely anything you want to add or remove is easily achievable.


Exciting Themes Available

One of the exciting benefits of using WordPress for web development is the availability of a wide range of beautiful free and premium themes to use. These themes are developed and maintained for free by developers. You can download any of the free themes you want from the official WordPress theme directory or pay for a premium one from Themeforest for a peanut. WordPress themes are written in the PHP programming language using WordPress standard protocols.

Plugins To Extend Functionalities

Another exciting benefit is a wide range of plugins to extend the functionalities of your website. A custom plugin can easily be developed by a software developer written in PHP programmimg language and using the standard WordPress development procedures to easily integrate with WordPress. There are also a wide variety of free plugins available for download for free on the official WordPress plugin directory page and paid ones as well. They range from plugins that perform basic functionalities such as adding two numbers to plugins that have their own custom database to store data. WordPress sites cannot survive or work efficiently without plugins.

Mobile Responsiveness

One of the major requirements of a standard website in the 21st century is responsiveness – this is the ability of web pages to automatically resize to fit the screen sizes they are viewed on without having to zoom-in and out. Mobile responsiveness is a factor in Google rankings. WordPress offers a variety of ways to easily make sites responsive – through usage of plugins or building sites with already created responsive themes.

Search Engine Optimized 

WordPress sites tend to rank high in search engines like Google because they are frequently being updated and there are a variety of tools and plugins for optimizing contents on web pages. These tools and plugins help sites to rank high for their keywords.

Efficient Site Security

WordPress sites are effectively protected from hackers and intruders as long the right coding practices are used. Aside the usage of accepted practices, there are plugins that help to fortify WordPress sites from hackers and make it hacking-proof. There is a myth that WordPress sites sites are not secured but this is totally untrue. The number of live websites built using WordPress clearly debunks this claim.



WordPress sites are easily scalable, new pages and content can easily be added with time. WordPress provides the capability to create scalable multisites without extensive coding, just with a few clicks. A multisite is a functionality that enables users to create a network of sites on a single WordPress installation. This is very useful in big organizations with several departments and branches in different locations.


Support From WordPress Community

WordPress being the most prominent CMS and open source, it has a vast community of developers and designers around the world that are working seamless towards the development of the WordPress platform. They are responsible for making changes to the WordPress source files and keeping it updated and secured. They provide support to users of the platform at all times and they also work towards updating of the platform to make it more efficient and reliable. The WordPress community also provides outreach to users and organize camps around the world to support the growth of WordPress user groups.


It is easy to now see why WordPress is loved by many and powers more than half of the worlds websites. WordPress provides all the necessary tools needed to build and manage a website. These tools are readily available to any user, not just experienced web developers. Adopting the WordPress platform for web development and sacrificing scarce time to learn how to code in WordPress is definitely a good investment. 

Oh! Wait, did I mention any business can run on WordPress? Whether your business is into e-commerce, education, corporate entity, television, radio or oil and gas, you are not left out. Just choose the right WordPress developer and it will be positive investment for your organization.

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