How Ghana’s public procurement agency gave away 8,156 supplier records for free!

8,156 supplier details revealed in PPA security breach

TeamAlfy web design specialises in building secure websites. Internet security is a huge issue these days. This morning while doing my usual sunday morning research i chanced upon an issue with the PPA website.

  1. it’s completely insecure and possibly using out of date wordpress software
  2. They are giving away all the data for their suppliers on their website for free!

Data is a commodity, and i believe that company phone numbers and email addresses should not be exposed so easily on a public facing website.

This information has probably been picked up by web scrapers and is already being peddled on the internet to the highest bidder.

Well done PPA!

TeamAlfy Web design is a high-end web development agency based in Accra. TeamAlfy specialises in building secure websites for companies who understand security.

Alfy Opare-Saforo

Alfred Opare Saforo is the CEO of Masoma Logistics, and the creative director for, a web design agency based in London, Ohio and Accra.

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